UnBlock US Review

Unblock US is the most popular service for accessing American streamed media services and websites from foreign countries. UnBlock US provides you with a United States based IP Address then provides that content to you. The service works from any country and allows the use of services and websites like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Spotify, Pandora and many others that typically are restricted by region. In a nutshell, it supports just about all online streaming services which require a United States based IP Address.

I have been using the service for a little over 6 months now and I am very happy with it. I do alot of traveling for work so this comes in handy for me while using my laptop and Apple iPad. 

Why UnBlock Us? 

- There is NO software to install
- You will not lose internet speed which is a huge plus
- I have yet to have issues with buffering nor any downtime
- Excellent customer service department

UnBlock US Device Support: 

UnBlock US supports a wide array of TVs, devices and routers.  I have added some of the setup videos for your benefit. If you run into any issues, you can also check out our Unblock US troubleshooting tips as well.

UnBlock US Pricing:

Unblock US provides you with a FREE 7 day trial with no credit card required. Simply visit the UnBlock-US website, enter your email address and you are on your way! After the trial period expires, the cost is simply $4.99 per month aka the cost of a McDonald's value meal!

Sign up for your UnBlock US Free Trial here!

Unblock Us Review from Canada

Last week I was in Canada for a few days for a business trip. Times like these are when the Unblock Us service really earns it's measly $5 a month. I was in the hotel watching TV and found absolutely nothing decent to watch on the tube. Therefore, I decided to watch a movie on Netflix and a few of my favorite shows on Hulu via my laptop. I also have it setup on my Apple iPad as well. Normally, without Unblock Us, that would not of been possible! As stated in my previous Unblock Us Review, you can give it a shot with their free trial or pay a fiverr every month. I have $5 in change in my car so it's nothing that will break the bank or anything. LOL

UnBlock US Device Setup

Setting up UnBlock US on your device is not difficult at all and the Unblock-US.com website makes easy as pie.You have the option to setup and configure the service on your specific device or at the network level on your router which allows all devices within your network freedom from region blocks! Here is what the UnBlock US setup page looks like on their website:

UnBlock US Review Setup

I have also included some UnBlock US setup videos which will be helpful as well.

UnBlock US Troubleshooting Tips

Once configured and setup, UnBlock US will work as advertised and function without issue for the most part. However, if your UnBlock US setup experiences a disconnect, follow these steps to remedy the situation:

1. Open your web browser and visit the UnBlock US website.

2. You should see an orange tab toward the top of the page that states "Looks like your internet address has changed. Please click here to activate your new internet address".

3. Click on that orange tab and that should correct it. You will then be able to get back to watching Netflix, Hulu and the other services you may be taking advantage of. Enjoy! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will help however I can. Thanks